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Meet The Local Committee

St Paul’s C of E Primary School is an academy in the Good Shepherd Trust (GST). The GST is a multi-academy trust (MAT) within the Diocese of Guildford. More information about the GST can be found here.

The functions of the Trust Board of the Good Shepherd Trust are to lead strategy development, hold the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his team to account, operate within financial constraints, define an overall vision for GST schools, meet the governance compliance required by law and create a strong, effective governance structure on the board and in schools.

The members of the LC, the Headteacher and staff work together constantly to improve the quality of the education we provide to our children and to promote Christian values in all aspects of school life.

All LC members are appointed by the Trust and are expected to perform their duties in accordance with a code of conduct as laid out in Appendix F of the Governance Handbook

Declarations of interest are declared and reviewed at each LC meeting and are available on this page.

What does a Local Committee do?

The Trust board delegate some functions of the 'day to day' running of the school to the Local Committee through a scheme of delegation.

Each local committee is responsible for:

  • Establishing the strategic direction
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Overseeing compliance, including monitoring the impact of some grants (such as the pupil premium)
  • Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed

The local committee meets six times per year (more if required and at least once per half term) and all Local Committee members are expected to attend.

The Local Committee comprises people chosen and appointed by The Good Shepherd Trust for their expertise and ability to work with school leaders, in order to accelerate the rate of school improvement. There is much to celebrate in the school's progress to date and the Local Committee supports the initiatives for ongoing improvement, which are already having a demonstrable impact. Further information regarding the local governance of our school can be found on the Get Information About Schools website

The Chair can be contacted by emailing

What are the different types of membership?

  • Headteacher;
  • Parent/carer member, elected by parents of registered pupils at the academy and must be a parent of a pupil at the academy at the time of the election, or appointed by the GST if there are fewer nominations than vacancies;
  • Staff member, one member of the school staff from each school as a representative of the staff, normally appointed by ballot;
  • General member.

A term of office for a local committee member is four years and a local committee member may serve two terms (8 years) if eligible – parents/staff would have to be re-elected to be eligible. In exceptional circumstances, and where it is in the best interests of the trust, a local committee member may serve a further period up to four years whilst a successor is found.

I am interested in joining the LC, what should I do?

Firstly, thank you! If you would like to be considered to be appointed to the LC you should contact the Chair ( to arrange an informal chat about where your strengths and experience might be best used.

The Local Committee

  • Mrs Louise Kaye - Headteacher
  • Mr Andrew Harrow (Chair)
  • Rev B Beecroft
  • Miss E Peacock
  • Mrs D Huggett
  • Mr T Lewis
  • Mr D Wayland
  • Miss R Buchan

"We take great pride in aiding all of our children to achieve their potential, experiencing a rich and diverse curriculum and a wide range of development opportunities." - St Paul's LGC

Louise Kaye, Headteacher

I have been Head of School at St Paul’s since September 2018, having worked at the school since 2004 as a class teacher and then Assistant Head teacher. I live locally and both my children attend the school. I feel very privileged to lead a school with such dedicated and enthusiastic staff, and I am passionate about providing high quality learning experiences and outcomes for all pupils. Within the Local Committee I am responsible for ensuring that the vision and aims for the strategic direction of the school are realised and lead to the best possible education for our wonderful children.

Andrew Harrow (Chair)

My name is Andrew Harrow and I am a General member of St Paul’s LC. I am a solicitor by training and live in Woking. I have three daughters, the youngest of whom is 18, and feel strongly about the importance of education in every child's development and well-being. I am delighted to support the leadership and staff at this wonderful school.

Ben Beecroft

I have been a member of St Paul’s LC since moving to Addlestone as Vicar, in addition to being a Governor in my previous parish of Warfield in Berkshire. Father to 3 girls, my youngest Becky is presently in Year 6 at St Paul’s. I am committed to holistic education in which the emotional and spiritual needs of children are valued and met in addition of course to academic development, and where success is measured in character as well as in SATS. I think a child’s school years have the potential to be some of the happiest years of their life. It is a privilege to serve with such a dedicated team of staff and LC members that we have at St Paul’s. As Vicar I am excited by all that St Paul’s Church and School contributes to the life of our wider community.

Donna Huggett

My name is Donna Huggett, and I am a general member of the LC. I live locally with my two children and partner. My youngest is at nursery and my daughter attends St. Paul’s School which means primary education is very important to me. I believe every child should receive the same opportunity to learn, achieve and flourish, and I’m delighted to be able to contribute to this at my child’s school through this role. 

I am a Communication Specialist for a global company which I thoroughly enjoy. When I’m not at work or entertaining my children, then you’ll find me escaping to the gym or a yoga class.

David Wayland

My name is Dave Wayland and I am a parent member. I have been a resident of Addlestone all my life. I have three children, all boys, and my eldest son recently joined St Paul's in reception.  I have worked in IT for 21 years, currently I work managing a team of engineers for F5 Networks based in Chertsey. I attend and am part of the Eldership team at Beacon Church, which meets in Chertsey. In my spare time when I am not chasing my boys about, I like cycling.

Trevor Lewis

My name is Trevor Lewis and I am a Foundation member at the school through my connection with St Paul’s church nearby. My wife and I have had 4 children educated at St. Paul’s, with the youngest moving into Juniors in September 2020. I am a retired police officer and enjoy time with the family, cycling and motorcycling. Since retirement I have also been involved in preparing and presenting regular Christian focussed based assemblies at St Paul's school on Monday mornings.

Rebecca Buchan

My name is Rebecca Buchan and I am from a small village in the north of Scotland. I moved down to Surrey in 2020 to start working at Jubilee High School. I am a Geography Teacher and also the Head of Year 7 and 8. I am so passionate about education and ensuring every child receives the best education possible. When I am not at work, I love to go on long runs or learning Spanish.


St Paul's C of E Primary School - LOCAL COMMITTEE

Full name of Local Committee member Category of membership Appointment body Date appointed Term of Office Date stepped down Nominated responsibility
Mr Andrew James Beverley Harrow General The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Sept 2019 4 years   Chair
Rev Benjamin Harold Beecroft General The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Apr 2018 4 years   Incumbent
Mr David Thomas Wayland Parent The Good Shepherd Trust 6 Jan 2020 4 years    
Miss Donna Huggett General The Good Shepherd Trust 6 Jan 2020 4 years    
Miss Emily Peacock Staff The Good Shepherd Trust 25 Apr 2022 4 years    
Mr Matthew Kevin Jeremy Archer Parent The Good Shepherd Trust 24 Nov 2022 4 years    
Mrs Louise Caroline Kaye Principal School Leader The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Sept 2018 n/a    
Ms Rebecca Buchan General The Good Shepherd Trust 13 Jun 2022 4 years    
Mr Trevor William Lewis General The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Sept 2018 4 years    
SLT membership            
Mrs Gillian Farmer Trust Business Manager Good Shepherd Trust employee 1 Apr 2014 n/a    
Resigned in last 12 months            
Mr Andrew Paul Bacon Parent The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Sept 2018 4 years 22 June 2022  
Mrs Faith Margaret Axten General The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Apr 2018 4 years 31 Mar 2022  
Mrs Gemma Helen Collett Staff The Good Shepherd Trust 1 Nov 2019 4 years 28 Feb 2022  


St Paul's C of E Primary School - REGISTER OF INTERESTS

In accordance with the Academy Trust Handbook, local committee members and their relevant business and pecuniary interests, including governance roles in other educational institutions, are recorded as follows:

Full name of LC member / Senior Trust Employee Name and Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date of Appt. or Acquisition of Business Interest Cessation of Interest Relationship between LC members and members of the academy staff, including spouses, partners and relatives Date of Declaration Datee of Review
Mr Andrew James Beverley Harrow None declared None declared n/a   None 28 Sept 2020 At each local committee meeting
Rev Benjamin Harold Beecroft None declared None declared n/a   None 30 Sept 2020 At each local committee meeting
Mr David Thomas Wayland F5 Networks Shareholder 1 Dec 2012   None 15 Oct 2020 At each local committee meeting
Miss Donna Huggett Belron Intl Ltd Employee Jan 2012   None 10 Nov 2020 At each local committee meeting
Miss Emily Jayne Peacock Good Shepherd Trust Employee Sept 2017   None 19 April 2022 At each local committee meeting
Mrs Louise Caroline Kaye Good Shepherd Trust Headteacher 1 Sept 2020   None 9 Nov 2020 At each local committee meeting
Mr Matthew Kevin Jeremy Archer UK Space Agency Employee Jan 2018   None 12 Nov 2022 At each local committee meeting
Ms Rebecca Joy Buchan Bourne Trust Jubilee High School Employee Sept 2020   None 13 June 2022 At each local committee meeting
Mr Trevor William Lewis None declared None declared n/a   None 30 Sept 2020 At each local committee meeting
SLT members
Mrs Gillian Ruth Farmer Good Shepherd Trust Employee Trust Business Manager 1 April 2014   Relative of staff member 24 Oct 2020 1 Sept 2021
Members resigned in last 12 months
Mr Andrew Paul Bacon 22 June 2022
Mrs Faith Margaret Axten 31 March 2022
Mrs Gemma Helen Collett 28 February 2022






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At St Paul's we will ignite a passion for life and learning in every member of our school community by providing the best possible education, where children and adults grow through our core values rooted in FAITH and will confidently succeed through the strength and love of God.

Proverbs 22:6 ‘Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

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