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School Vision


Our school vision is to provide the best possible education for every child at St Paul’s, within a Christian ethos, igniting a passion for learning and the confidence to achieve success.


Christian Distinctiveness: Being an inclusive community: “Warm fires and open doors”

From the earliest years of their existence, Church of England Schools have served their local children. Today this is still the case. Whilst a proportion of school places may be reserved for those who seek a distinctively Christian education, the majority of places are for local children regardless of religious affiliation.

It is therefore a particular privilege of Church of England Schools that we are able to offer places to children from religions other than Christianity, from diverse cultures and lifestyles, and from many nations. Our example here is Jesus Christ who welcomed all, regardless of colour or creed and who pointed us all to the highest aspirations. His eye was always on the outsider, drawing them into wholeness and community. Many families of other faiths value Church school education because spiritual life is taken seriously, God is honoured, prayer is important and values are closely mirrored.

As a Church School the Christian faith lies at the heart of our ethos and underpins the way we work and live together as a community. Learning to take care of ourselves and others and to be tolerant and forgiving are important lessons that stand the children in good stead as they grow and develop at St Paul’s.

Our Christian Values

Each half-term we focus on one of our Christian Values.  During the final half-term of the year we re-visit each of our values and bring them together to encompass our whole school ethos.


St Paul’s is a member of The Good Shepherd Trust (GST) which is a family of church school academies within the Diocese of Guildford.  Within the Trust schools there is a commitment to value each child, instilling in them a passion for inspiring lifelong learning, achievement and a sense of who they are and how they connect with the world around them.

St. Paul's Church

Every term, each Base attends a church service tailored to their age group at St Paul's Church, Addlestone.  The services are led for us by either the Reverend Ben Beecroft or another member of the church team and they do a wonderful job delivering reflective as well as engaging and interactive services for the children.

Special services for the whole school also take place at Christmas, Easter and Harvest which are led by different year groups.  These are a time to reflect on Jesus’ life and the wonderful world God has created for us.  The services are creative and include drama, readings, prayers and music.

*If you are interested in your child attending a Communion Course with St Paul's Church please contact Louise Sampaio, Parish Administrator for further information.

Revd. Ben Beecroft: Vicar of Addlestone

Parish Administrator: Louise Sampaio

Contact details: Tel:  01932 846059









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Mission Statement

"Our school vision is to provide the best possible education for every child at St Paul’s within our Christian ethos, igniting a passion for learning and the confidence to achieve success."


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