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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs. L Johnson   Executive Head
Mrs. L Kaye   Head of School
Mrs. Dean    Assistant Head (on maternity leave)
Mrs. Blackmore   Assistant Head
    Inclusion Leader / SENCO 
Mrs. Farmer   School Business Manager

Middle Leadership Team 

Mrs.Collett   Early Years Leader
Mrs. Russell   Lower Base Leader
Mrs. Gregory   Middle Base Leeader 
Miss Parker   Upper Base Leader
    English Leader
Mr Skinner   Maths Leader

Administration Team

Mrs. Farmer   Trust Business Manager
Mrs. McPhail   Office Manager
Mr. Andrews   Site Manager
Mrs. Hyatt   I.T. Manager / Office Administrator
Mrs. Lidster    Office Administrator
Mrs. Stirk   School Administration Leader
Miss Griggs   Office Administrator
Mrs. Samuel   Office Administrator
Mrs. Taylor   Librarian

Special Educational Team


Mrs. Blackmore   Inclusion Leader / SENCO


Mrs. Murphy   Family Support Worker
Mrs. Strawson   Assistant SENCO
Miss Richards    Wellbeing Lead



Early Years Foundation Stage Team


Mrs. Collett   Class Teacher - Sprites
    EYFS Leader
Miss Reid   Class Teacher - Pixies
Mrs. Bellfield   HLTA - EYFS, Sprites
Mrs. Davies    LSA - EYFS
Mrs. Gill    LSA - EYFS
Mr. Johnson   LSA - EYFS


Lower Base Team

Mrs. Russell    Class Teacher -Sharks, Lower Base Leader 
Miss Biggs   Class Teacher - Starfish
Miss Peacock    Class Teacher - Stingrays
Miss Keyzer   Class Teacher - Dolphins
Mrs. Baggs   LSA - Lower Base
Mrs. Barber   LSA - Lower Base
Mrs. Inch   LSA - Lower Base
Mrs. Jones   LSA - Lower Base
Miss Kinnaird    LSA - Lower Base
Mr. Knight   LSA - Lower Base
Mrs. McKenner   LSA - Lower Base
Mrs. Sharman   LSA - Lower Base
Mrs. Sanzulo   LSA - Lower Base

Middle Base Team

Mrs. Gregory   Class Teacher -Tigers, Middle Base Leader
Miss Penfold   Class Teacher - Leopards
Mr Skinner   Class Teacher - Lions, Maths Leader
Miss Westmacott   Class Teacher - Jaguars
Mrs. Clapham    LSA - Middle Base
Mrs. Jacobs   LSA - Middle Base
Mr Knight   LSA - Middle Base
Mrs. Wigens   LSA - Middle Base



Upper Base Team

Miss Parker   Class Teacher - Ospreys
    Upper Base Leader
Miss Muskett   Class Teacher - Kestrels

Mrs. Jackson 


Class Teacher - Falcons 
RE Leader

Miss Mertens   Class Teacher - Eagles
Mrs. Clapham   LSA - Upper Base
Mrs. Joseph    LSA - Upper Base
Mr Kelly   LSA - Upper Base
Mrs. Lee   LSA - Upper Base
Mrs. Wonnacott    LSA - Upper Base

Additional Teaching Support

Mrs. Shahbakhti   Part Time, Upper Base
Mr. Martin   Cover Teacher
Mr. Ernesto     


Mr. Dore   Sports Coach
Mrs. Webb   Music

Extended Services


Breakfast Owls 

Mrs. Hyatt   Supervisor
Mrs. Inch   Play Worker
Mrs. Barber   Play Worker
Mr. Johnson   Play Worker



Afternoon Owls

Mrs. Lee   Supervisor
Mrs. Sharman   Play Worker
Mrs. Gowland   Play Worker
Mrs. Hyatt   Play Worker
Mrs. Joseph   Play worker
Mrs. Taylor   Play worker
Mrs. Gill    Play worker






    St. Paul's Church of England
    Primary School
    School Lane
    KT15 1TD


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Mission Statement

"Our school vision is to provide the best possible education for every child at St Paul’s within our Christian ethos, igniting a passion for learning and the confidence to achieve success."


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