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Creative Learning at home

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All children have been given a YUMU/Charanga Music School login. Access to this online resource has many avenues for independent learning, including home learning packages. Depending on your child's preferences and interests, your child can explore via the assignments, home learning packages, learning songs or making up their own projects - e.g. researching their favourite band, making musical games etc. 
Music is an expressive art and whilst  there are no 'set' pieces of work, it is hoped that children take part in some musical activity at least once a week.

Here is a link to the wonderful 'Ten Pieces at Home' website BBC Ten Pieces at Home
Here is a link to the Sing Up Song of the Week  - What Makes a Family








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"Our school vision is to provide the best possible education for every child at St Paul’s within our Christian ethos, igniting a passion for learning and the confidence to achieve success."


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